The Green Eyed Giant

Listen | Watch | 1 Corinthians 3:1-3

Kermit says, “Green is what I want to be.” That’s cool…if you are a frog. It is not as cool when you are a Christian. Paul references, in our text, a lot of baby Christians that were green in Corinth, green with envy. Green is not what a Christian needs to be. I want to help us deal with the Green-eyed Giant of envy.

Dr. David Jeremiah, which is my inspiration for this series, in his book “Slaying the Giants in Your Life” writes:

The literal meaning (of the word envy in the Greek) is to boil within.

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The Most Invisible Giant

Listen | Watch | Psalm 32, 51

The Most Invisible Giant
Dr. David Jeremiah is the inspiration for this series of messages. I have been reading his book, “Slaying the Giants in Your Life,” published by Thomas Nelson. I have also been inspired by the movie, “Jack the Giant Slayer.” After reading Dr. Jeremiah’s book, I concluded, “Jack is not really a giant slayer, but Jesus is!” Thus the title for my series, Jesus the Giant Slayer! And, I have learned that there is an invisible giant among us this morning, it is the giant of guilt. Continue reading

Facing Spiritual Vertigo

Listen | Watch | John 20:24-31

Facing Spiritual Vertigo
A dear lady in our community stopped me as I was walking toward the Methodist Church for Holy Week services and said, “Preacher, I have been suffering from vertigo.” Vertigo is that spinning sensation. It can be nauseating and unsettling. A feeling that you are not sure you can move in a forward direction. Sometimes our spiritual lives can be that way. Especially when we are plagued with doubt. Sometimes our doubts can keep us from moving forward spiritually. Now let me remind you, doubt is not the opposite of faith. The opposite of faith is unbelief. Doubt is not the same as unbelief. Continue reading