Have A Beatitude New Year

Watch | Matthew 5:3-4

Consider yourself fortunate (happy) in the New Year if you recognize:

  1. That you need God’s Help
    1. Blessed are the poor. We should not be spiritually proud. We should see ourselves as God sees us.
    2. We should decrease so God can increase. Like John the Baptist taught.
    3. Come to the point where we know we are dependent on Him for everything.
    4. He constantly watches and cares for us. We do not have to worry.
    5. God’s not impressed with your ability but your humility.
  2. That Christ Died on the Cross for your sins
    1. Blessed are those that mourn. We must mourn over our sins and see them as God sees them.
    2. We can only have perfection through Christ. Perfection died for the imperfect.
    3. We should hurt over the fact that Jesus had to die for our sins. Mourn like one mourns for the death of a loved one. Proverbs 28:13.
    4. Come with a broken, contrite heart before God.

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