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Preschool Registration Security

First Baptist Church uses Parent Pager for preschool check in and check out. We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines when dropping off and picking up your preschooler…

  • Register your child (children) at the receptionist desk.  You will be asked to complete a Registration Form on each child.
  • A pager will be issued upon check in.  Please keep this pager on your person at all times as it only vibrates when paged.
  • If you receive a page during the time your child is in our care, please come to the preschool area.
  • You or those authorized to pick up your child must present the pager in order for your child to be released.
  • Preschoolers must be brought to their class by their parent/guardian, and only will be released to a parent/adult guardian who has the assigned pager.
  • A parent should come for his child immediately following the service.  To avoid congestion in the preschool area, we suggest that only one parent deliver and pick up the child.
  • Parents are asked to discretely share information regarding custody issues with the preschool staff.
  • Preschoolers may be brought to the preschool area only when the person bringing them is attending a church function.
  • Bringing personal toys or other possessions to the preschool area is discouraged.