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We are now seeing more people come to Christ than at any other time in human history…everywhere, except in America.

What is the fastest growing religion in the world today? Christianity. It is growing at a rate of 9.6% faster than the growth of the world population. In China alone, over 30,000 people a day are coming to Jesus. If that current conversion rate continues, then 7 years from now China will be the most Christian nation that has ever existed in the history of mankind. We are now seeing more people come to Christ than at any other time in human history…everywhere, except in America. In America, we are actually witnessing a nose dive in worship attendance. It’s declining at a rate faster than ever. Over 75% of the Baptist Churches in Kentucky are not growing at all, and 412 did not baptize a single person. What’s wrong with us? Why is it that God is moving so dramatically elsewhere in the world but not in America? Could it be that there is something going on with our churches that is keeping Him from moving? Could it be that we are not giving attention to the things we need to be giving attention to?

5 things that we need to do in order to see God move in power

We must care about people!

1. Our motivation (v. 16)

  • Paul was heart broken over the lostness of the people in Athens.
  • Too many churches have allowed preferences to overtake their love for people.

We must go where the people are!

2. Our motion (vv. 17-21)

  • First, Paul goes to the people in their house of worship then into the community.
  • Since Paul’s motivation was to care more about people than his preferences, he was able to engage in the motion of going to the people even at the risk of his own life.

We must adjust to connect with people!

3. Our methods (vv. 22-28)

  • Paul spoke their language.
  • Jesus said “I’ll make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19 Do you know what that means? You better know what bait they like and you better use that bait to reach them. Make a difference in their lives.
  • Paul took poetry from their culture and used it for God’s glory. (v. 28)
  • Paul adapted his methods to proclaim the Gospel.

We must tell people the truth!

4. Our message (vv. 29-31)

  • There is no room compromising the message.
  • Paul adapted his method but did not change the truth of the Gospel message.

We must expect people to respond!

5. Our mindset (vv. 32-34)

  • At least 4 people accepted Jesus because Paul adapted his methods, did not change the message, and proclaimed the Gospel unashamedly. (v. 34)


Does everyone that knows you know that you love Jesus? God has given us the freedom to worship as we choose. We should use that freedom to represent him well and to share the good news of Jesus.

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Chuck McAlister is leader of the Kentucky Baptist Convention Evangelism & Church Planting Team. For 31 years, McAlister served as a pastor to churches in five states. For 15 years he hosted “Adventure Bound Outdoors,” an award-winning hunting show on the Outdoor Channel. “Adventure Bound” twice was named “fan favorite” by viewers. McAlister’s outreach through the show led him to form “Promise of Hope,” which helps believers reach people in their communities through “affinity group” outreach events such as wild game dinners, “cowboy” churches and other unique efforts.

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